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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Carol Bartz Victory Lap to End at Statuary Hall

IronTulips has learned that the current Carol Bartz victory lap will end April 30 in Washington, DC with the unveiling of a new statue in Statuary Hall at the US Capitol.

Bartz announced late in 2005 that she would step down as Autodesk CEO after 14 years; her replacement takes office May 1, 2006.

The Bartz statue is being placed by the state of California, and will replace Thomas Starr King, a 19th Century Unitarian minister known for raising money for the Sanitary Commission.

There was initially some debate as to which state would get the honor of placing Bartz's statue in the US Capitol. But Minnesota, where she was born, has decided to place a statue of former governor Jesse Ventura; Wisconsin, where she grew up, intends to put up a statue honoring the Cheesehead as soon as the Green Bay Packers return to the Super Bowl.

Autodesk PR firm Fleishman Hillard will receive a bonus of $1 million for negotiating the Statuary Hall deal.

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