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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iron Tulips Consider Legal Action Against India Daily

"Iron Tulips is not amused," says our editor, who prefers to remain anonymous in case his mother starts surfing the web. "We are talking to our lawyers. The kind of technology news they are reporting is our turf. It's just not fair!"

What has our editor's knickers so twisted? It seems India Daily regularly kicks IT's proverbial boo-tay by scooping us on the really nifty technology stories. In April alone, India Daily has been first with such important technology news as:

What is even more baffling is why India Daily covers technology so well, yet in their politics section has to create such obviously phony stories as the Prime Minister of Canada looking forward to the upcoming visit by India's prime minister. India Daily, how gullible do you think we really are?

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